We have been married thirteen years, and we have always wanted to adopt. As Christians who support life, one of the most practical ways of living this belief out is to adopt. We have been blessed with four amazing children. We have always said, when life calms down or we are “financially set” we will adopt. But life is always changing, and we simply couldn’t know if that would ever happen.

A year and a half ago, Heather had a friend whose sister in law was a missionary in Eastern Europe. Her friend shared about the needs of the orphans in this part of the world. Heather then read a blog, listing some of the children in need of homes. It broke her heart, and she fell in love with a little boy. God laid it on her heart that this child’s life is valuable, just as valuable as our four children. This little boy needs a mom and a dad and a family just as much as our four little ones. He needs someone to hold him when he is scared and to laugh with him when he is silly. Heather asked Nathan to read the blog. He did, and when he finished, he said, “Let’s adopt Hami.” That was the same little boy Heather had fallen in love with. But, we were getting ready to move hours from “home” and start a new job; life was again up in the air. It all seemed overwhelming.

We sent an email inquiry about Hami, got some information, and then waited. That was in May of 2012. In January of 2013, Heather felt her heart stirring, life was getting comfortable, and this little boy was impressed on her heart once again. We emailed to see if he was still available for adoption, and they said, yes. God says we are to care for orphans, so we took a step of faith to say yes to Hamilton and we started the adoption process.

The financial part of adoption is daunting. Heather’s grandparents adopted two boys years ago, and her grandma always said, “We had more love to give, so we adopted because there are so many kids who need love.” That is the same thing we have to give – love and family. But, adoption costs thousands of dollars. We know this. The whole process is something God alone can do, and he has been faithful to provide on Hami’s behalf.

We are getting close to taking our first trip to Eastern Europe to meet Hamilton. God has provided for country fees and agency fees and all the other fees so far in amazing ways. One of those ways is through grants like the Christian Orphan Fund. We have been truly blessed by this grant. It provided all of our next country fee, which is what we need to go to court to have Hamilton become a member of the Jacobs family. The fee will be sent right after our first trip to get the court process going. We are so thankful and blessed by God’s provision!