God had been stirring our hearts for years about adopting a child. We had tried several times to begin the process, but the birth of three children, plus the complications of living overseas had repeatedly closed the door. However, this time when we came across the file of a cheerful little guy called “Camden”, God impressed on our hearts that this was the child for our family, and that now was the time. So we packed up our belongings and moved back to the States to begin the process.

Wefelt that God had already provided us with everything we would need to give Camden a loving home. We had experienced God’s forgiveness, love, and patience in our own lives. We had a good marriage and warm home. We had everything, that is, except for the money to do the adoption. Trusting God to provide, as He had always done in the past, we began fundraising. God’s people have been generous, but time was getting short and we still needed almost half of the adoption cost to be fully funded.

Friends would ask us if we had applied for grants, which was understandable because there seemed to be several available. Our problem was that we had chosen to do an independent adoption through an organization that helps to facilitate adoptions for children with special needs (in other words, not through an adoption agency). Although this would make the overall cost less expensive, it also disqualified us from most of the grants available. What could we do?

We prayed! And God answered that prayer through the Christian Orphan Fund. They understood what we were doing, and they also wanted Camden to experience the love of Christ through a family. The grant we received from COF was SO encouraging! God’s timing was perfect, and we praise Him for using the generosity of His people to bring new hope and life to the forgotten children of the world. We pray that God will continue to bless COF for many years to come, and through them other children just like our Camden.

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