I wanted to write and say thank you so much!  Words completely failed me when you called to say we would receive a grant from Christian Orphan Fund.  I could only cry at the overwhelming blessing that is such a beautiful display of God’s mercy and love.  So I apologize for not having said something more than thank you…. I am not sure I have many more words yet aside from those as our hearts are still so very overwhelmed at what God has done through all of you. We know there will be trials and sadness, lots of adjusting but so much more love.  And while we will be learning all the care involved to meet these new needs, we will learn and do the care of each special need to the glory of God.

So thankful God compelled your hearts to start your ministry. There is a blog post I wrote entitled More than a Song (http://beyondwhatmyeyeshaveseen.blogspot.com/2014_05_01_archive.html).  That is exactly what your love as a ministry has been… so much more than just a song, not just to our family and our children but to so so many!  I can’t help but think how at first glance it seems like the Christian Orphan Fund helps with adoption… and then you realize… this is so much more this is eternal.  These children that were hidden and locked away now will hear who Jesus Christ is, they have the opportunity to accept him as their Savior and walk in the truth of His great love.  Not that they couldn’t have heard about Jesus in the orphanage but now it is certain they will hear and they will learn about His love through the love they will be receiving in His name…  the love you also shared by being a part of them coming home.

Thank you so much!!  Sorry again for the lack of words when you called.  I have often wondered what I would ever do if we received a call with some wonderful, exciting news…. now I know I would simply cry!!  We are very excited to share updates and pictures with all of you when we bring the children home!

Have a blessed New Year knowing you are changing lives to the Glory of God!

Vargas - Cyana - Sanie


Vargas - David3


Vargas family before adoption