We’re still in awe of how God orchestrated the raising of  $50,000 that was needed to complete our adoption of our newest 5 children in the summer of 2014.  We started off just following God, just saying, “Yes,” to Him.  The rest, well, we didn’t have that figured out.  We did some fundraising, spreading the word, sold all we could, but it still wasn’t enough.  We are so thankful for ministries like Christian Orphan Fund that filled in the gap for us, helped remove 5 orphans from the statistics, gave 5 siblings the chance to stay together and have a family’s love, and give us the most amazing life with 9 blessings from God.  Thank you to all those who give financially so that we can follow the call that God has placed upon our lives.  By working together, we fulfill God’s call on each of us – to care for the orphan and widow in their distress.

Lusher family 2 Lusher family 1