Hello!! I wanted to send you an email to THANK YOU so very much for approving our adoption grant!! I was floored when I spoke to you yesterday and I wasn’t sure if I properly thanked you and the committee. We are expecting to get the word any day now to travel to meet Evan and I have been in such angst because I am super excited, yet stressed because we were short the funds for this trip. We have done soooo many fundraisers over the past year and a half and have been supported by so many wonderful and amazing people in our community and circle of friends but were still short funds for this trip. I had been praying and praying and I knew God would show up, but honestly I was sweating it a little 🙂 When I spoke to you yesterday I could feel the anxiety drain from my body and I literally had to sit down while I was talking to you 🙂  God is so GOOD and I am still on cloud nine over this news!

Thank you sooooo much!! We are so super excited now to plan for this trip and to meet our son without the burden of the next agency payment hanging over our heads…and that means more than I can ever express to you! I promise to send you pictures and videos from our trip and I will help out in any way that you need me. You are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for adoptive families. Thank you! Thank you!!