Thank you so much for being such a huge part in bringing our children home! Our six year old daughter, Anaiya, has Spina Bifida will be having surgery soon for her club feet. She already tries to climb and walk with her feet as they are so it will be incredible to see what she does after the surgery. Our ten year old daughter, Cyana, is about to start treatment for her brittle bone disease. It will be the first time in her life that she will have the opportunity to experience being pain free! Our nine year old son, Amar, finds something new to experience and explore everyday. As wonderful as it is that our daughters will have an opportunity to walk, or to be pain free, to watch our son experience everything with such wonder, and to be in the midst of the love that comes in being surrounded by family… none of that compares with the opportunity you gave our children to experience the love of Jesus. You saw their lives to have worth and we will always be so grateful to you for that. I pray that you do not grow weary, you are doing amazing work and planting some beautiful seeds by sowing into the lives of every child you have been part of bringing home. Thank you so much!

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