On Oct 30th, 2013 we saw a picture of a precious little girl waiting for her family. We couldn’t stop thinking about her and after many prayers we knew she was our daughter. The journey was not easy, but so worth it. Now, two years later we hear her giggles, get to hold her in our arms, hug her and kiss her every day even when she is sad, tuck her in at night to say her prayers. We get to tell her she is loved, LOVED not just by our family but that she is loved by God. We believe that God placed everything/one we needed to get her home in our path, so we want to thank Christian Orphan Fund for your part in bringing our daughter home!

There were many times we didn’t know how to move on to our next step, but He was always there holding the next door open.

PS: I wondered if I could share a little about our video (link below). When we visited the orphanage the staff gave us a tour where our daughter spent most her time. When we went to the room where she slept they asked her to show us her bed. She didn’t act like she wanted to but went over and sat down. When my husband got done taking pictures he looked at her and said “OK” and she RAN into his arms. It was then we saw the look (and tears) in her eyes. We could tell she thought we were going to leave her. After going through the pictures it was no doubt that was what she thought, and from that moment on in every picture she was holding on to us tightly; even if someone held her she had one arm around us at all times 🙂 We knew long before we met her we loved her, and even though it broke our hearts she thought we were leaving her, we knew with out a doubt that she loved us too!

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