We are so very thankful for you taking the time to read and pray about giving us a grant through Christian Orphan Fund. We couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.

I wanted to explain our adoption journey a bit. Our son who is adopted from Uganda has a variety of special needs. He has severe epilepsy and major developmental delays. He cannot walk, talk, crawl, sit up on his own, feed himself, etc. He rocks a super cool bright orange wheelchair. We call him our warrior on wheels. He has been such a gift to our family. We did not know about Titus’s special needs before adopting him. He has changed our lives for the better. His sisters adore him.

With all of Titus’s needs we have a lot of costs that come along with that. Medical bills, equipment bills, medicine bills, therapy bills, etc. can really add up. We have some savings that we use to pay for the things that come up with him. So while it may look like we have some money in savings, we have that there to pay for the things that Titus needs.

We also adopted our son Elliot, domestically last year. He is one and such a gift! Because, we just adopted last year, finances are even tighter. We spent a lot of our savings to do his adoption. We know we are called to adopt again, so we are moving forward!

For this adoption we will be adopting an African American baby. There is a huge need for the agency we are working with. They told us they had 3 birth moms in February that has to place their babies in foster care because they didn’t have any families that were open to only African American babies. So we know the Lord has called us to this. One so that our sons won’t be the only different looking one in the family. It is important that our sons and this new baby have someone to identify with. Secondly, we know God has called us to this because there is a huge need. We have prayed from the beginning of God calling us to adopt that He would send us the children no one else wanted. So although this adoption wont be a “special needs” adoption, it is a “special focus” adoption. There is a huge need.

We were told that this would most likely move as fast as we have the finances. That would be the main thing holding us back. Once we have that in order we can move forward. We are and will continue to do fundraising to pay for this adoption. We just need help with the large portion.

With our son, having the needs he does, the sooner we can get this new sweet baby home the better. He is only getting bigger and the bigger he gets, it will be more of a challenge to get around with him and a baby.

We are so excited for God opening up this door for us. We know it is going to be such an amazing gift. We are doing an open adoption so we are also excited to love on and support our birth mom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about us. We are so thankful for how Good the Lord has been to us. We know He will provide for this adoption as He called us to it and we will do everything we can to answer that call!