We are woefully behind on getting an update to you all, but we thought you’d like to hear about our little Lorelai, who you helped bring home!

Lorelai came home from China on June 8, 2016. Before I traveled to China, one of the workers from our adoption agency (Bethany Christian Services) called me, as she had met Lorelai a few weeks before, to prepare me that Lorelai was very unresponsive and inactive. They were very discouraged about her condition and her function. No one from Bethany had ever so much as seen a smile or heard a laugh from her. Suffice to say, we were nervous, but we know she was our daughter no matter what.

The moment she was put in my arms, Lorelai began grinning ear to ear. She’d never moved independently before and just a couple of days later, she began rolling across the room to get to her toys. She began belly laughing at me while we were still at civil affairs finalizing her adoption!

One surprise we did have was that I began suspecting in country that she could hear and wondered if that may be the reason behind her lack of response to people. Indeed, she failed her hearing tests shortly after coming home and we confirmed a couple of weeks ago, she does have severe permanent hearing loss. At the time of her hearing tests in December, she had tubes placed and she’s already begun making more noises and responding more. She says “mama!” all the time. It’s music to my ears. We are currently waiting for her hearing aids and cannot wait to see her blossom. In addition to her hearing, we have also gotten an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy; however, we are sure she’s going to blow every expectation anyone has of her out of the water. She’s an amazing little girl.

I’m attaching a few photos of Lorelai (now age 2) that Bethany staff took on that trip a few weeks before I got Lorelai and a few from recently. I am sure you’ll think the transformation is incredible too.

As a side note, do you help families more than once with grants? We are anxiously awaiting news as to whether we are the family for a 1-year-old blind baby girl from China. We should know for sure in the next week or two.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring this precious treasure into our family. We are so grateful.

This is from three weeks before I picked her up:

This is a few minutes after she was placed in my arms:

And, as you can see, she’s a very joyful, silly little girl.