Every time I have gone to email you I get interrupted then I forget thinking I already emailed you.  Our trip to China went so perfectly. Even ALL our flights were on time.  We had really good guides this time that helped us get out and explore the culture more this time.  Most importantly Hope is amazing!!  She is very sweet and loving!!  From the moment we met her, she accepted us as her family.  We were even blessed to meet her Foster Mother and even then she was happy staying with us.  While in China and after returning home we noticed she didn’t know how to be a little girl 😞 She could clean like none other and fold clothes better than our teenagers.  However she didn’t know how to give a kiss, what it was like to be tickled, play, or sing and dance. That seems crazy to me for a child with down syndrome.  Now she gives kisses, laughs when she is tickled, and is quickly learning to play, sing, and dance.  It is so amazing to watch as our children come out of a shell they have been stuck in for years and get to be a child. 
We can’t even come close to express our Thank You to Christian Orphan Fund for all you have done for our family!!❤ The blessing is huge and we will forever be grateful!!