My husband Chris and I wanted to thank you again for the Christian Orphan Fund’s incredibly kind contribution towards our adoption of Eliana Mahek! Because of you, even though we were stuck in India for some extra time due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we weren’t stressed about the additional financial costs at all–we just wanted to get home to the rest of our family. We left February 29th from Chicago, had court March 3rd and 4th in our daughter’s very small hometown, took custody of her the 4th and flew back to Delhi, and then waited there for several weeks while some of the paperwork was processed. March 20th we obtained her passport back in her home state (10+ hours round trip) in the final hour before everything there went on total lockdown. The Lord provided in such amazing ways! Thankfully we managed to obtain her visa because of a special letter the US Embassy provided for us, and March 31st we made it on the first evacuation flight back to the US, landing on April 1st in Salt Lake City after over 25 hours of travel. It was certainly an adventure, but the sweetest part was just getting time in country to get to know Eliana (“Ellie”). She has a super fun, hilarious, adorable personality and is doing better developmentally than we ever imagined! An answer to so many prayers! These first few weeks at home have been an adjustment, but she is truly doing so well, loving stroller or wagon walks, swinging, dancing, and just playing with toys with her new siblings. We are so thankful God answered our prayer to have her home before her 2nd birthday, which was May 9th (also Mother’s Day weekend). His kindness and faithfulness have truly been overwhelming!

Thank you again for playing such a special role in our adoption story! We are forever grateful and are pointed to the Lord’s abundant grace to us because of the generosity you’ve shown us!

With deep gratitude and prayers for good health,

Caeli and Chris Santa Maria