My wife and I just returned Friday from India with our precious daughter (photo attached) that you all helped us adopt and we wanted to reach out right away.  
Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for so many families.  We met our daughter only 11 days ago.  She was sick, very small for her age (15 pounds at 2 years old), hadn’t eaten solid food in weeks according to the orphanage, emotionally withdrawn, and had developed self-soothing methods that included hitting her head on the floor and wall.  In the short intervening time, we have begun to see her smile (and even laugh).  She is eating everything we can put in front of her—she’s already up to 16 pounds!  She is learning to trust and play.  It’s incredible to see her blossom in these few days.  It will be a long road for this sweet one, but you contributed to this precious life.  Thank you for helping us adopt Florence Ara.