I just wanted to reach out and share an update on our family. Unfortunately Bulgaria had some program changes which delayed our first trip, but everything is still proceeding thankfully. Danny traveled solo for our first trip just last week because we had childcare issues here so I stayed home with our other children. He met both boys last week and I was able to join in on each visit through video calls. They are absolutely the most amazing little boys and we couldn’t adore them more. They’re so beautiful and so lovable. They definitely both have very big needs most that we already knew about, but some which were either surprises or which we had suspected and then confirmed when he met them. We just can’t wait to get them home and give them both all the love and care that they need and deserve. I’ll be going on our pickup trip which we’re told should happen in about 4 months. The end of July is also when our oldest son has really major surgery so we’re praying for our i800 approval to come extremely fast so that we can get there and home again well before then. We’re very much asking for prayers to be able to get our boys home very quickly, for them to be well cared for and feel loved while they wait, and also for our oldest son’s health, comfort, and safety through this huge surgery. We truly couldn’t have made it this far without so much support from kind individuals and a couple really helpful adoption grants including the blessing from Christian Orphan Fund. We’re so grateful and just wanted to share a happy update and say “thank you!” again.