A few years ago Christian Orphan Fund gifted our family to help us with the cost of our adoption. The Lord had blessed us over the years and I made a commission at work this year and felt God told me to give you all a percentage as well as another Christian organization that helped us adopt our sweet Riley after years of infertility. That being said, where can I send my donation to so it goes to the correct place?

Also, I wanted to send you an update on our family: Riley is 2 years and a few months old. After being diagnosed with profound hearing loss she got cochlear implants. With a lot of therapy and school she is now talking and listening. We are also learning American Sign Language as a family. She is an absolutely amazing little girl and we love her deeply. Thank you for helping us grow our family. You provide so much hope to us when we didn’t know how we were going to afford to bring our child home through adoption. Riley is spunky, extremely intelligent, well mannered, obsessed with beluga whales, and loves loves her puppy dogs. She loves to eat fruits and veggies and play outside. She has become super social in the last few months and loves learning at her special school for deaf kiddos here in St. Louis.

Riley is such an amazing little girl that the Georgia aquarium created a special beluga whale encounter for her when I emailed them about her love for the belugas. She was so calm and polite they actually invited her to the side of the 100-ft pool to pet the belugas!! It was an incredible experience for such a precious and unique baby girl! 

The video was from today when she said “I love you” for the very first time.