Since 2014, Christian Orphan Fund (COF) has partnered with Ramesh and Esther, who operate an orphanage in the southern part of India. COF’s founder knows Ramesh and Esther personally.

There are estimated to be over 153,000 orphans in India, with approximately 300,000 children under age 5 who die every year due to hunger and malnutrition.

God has placed a burden on the hearts of Ramesh and Esther to feed and educate 32 children and give them a respectable life in society. Through the orphanage, they are accomplishing this God-given mission. You can view a mini-bio for many of the children in the attached link (pdf).

By God’s grace, they were able to give Christmas gifts to 50 children and 25 orphans along with new clothes and food and share the Gospel message of salvation. Below are photos from the Christmas event with the children.

Additional orphan dormitory construction