I wanted to share a few happy updates with you especially since Christian Orphan Fund has been so instrumental in our adoption process. A lot has happened since September! First, after a lot of headaches with USCIS, we finally got our approval nearly 4 months after applying for it. After that, our entire dossier was sent to Bulgaria and was reviewed and approved/registered by the Ministry of Justice there. And lastly, along with our dossier, we submitted a 2nd very special application. We had already been matched with Julyan (we’ll be keeping his name, but spelling it Julian) back in August, but we really felt led to pursue a 2nd child this time as well. Thankfully, our agency and USCIS approved us for 2 and so we submitted our application for the most precious little 19 month old boy with an alias of “Erik”. He has Noonan syndrome, hydrocephalus, pulmonary vein stenosis, significant delays, and also some more easily managed needs that will require a quick surgery and some ongoing therapy. We absolutely love this baby and thought for sure he’d be matched to another family, but it turns out that we were the only family to apply for him. We’re overjoyed that after 2 months of waiting and wondering, Bulgaria has given their approval for us to add him to our adoption process! We’ve decided to name him Caspar and we’ll be traveling for trip 1 to meet both of our beautiful boys VERY soon! We’ve been told we’ll likely travel about a month from now. We couldn’t be happier (or more eager) to meet them and bring them home. We’re seriously asking for prayers as we’ve seen how programs have shut down in recent years literally overnight such as China and Ukraine, and it’s hard not to be worried about something like that happening. We’re also getting really close to being fully funded now and just need to raise $3031 to meet our Lifesong matching grant and then we’ll be done! God has been so good to us and we’re just so happy to be at this point and be so close to meeting our new sons. I just wanted to let you know our updates and to thank you again for helping us get to this point. I’ve attached 2 photos of Caspar below and can’t wait to be able to share more pictures of the boys once we get to travel. Wishing you many blessings in the new year!