As we approach our 4th adoption, we are reflecting on how thankful we are to Christian Orphan Fund and how we have been able to make 4 adoptions in just over 5 years possible, especially financially. We always felt that we were called to have a large family but knowing how expensive adoptions could be, and being self-employed entrepreneurs, we had no idea how that would be possible. Given an incurable infertility diagnosis in 2018, we began pursuing adoption and were ready to use every last penny in our savings to do so.

We know God is good and faithful and have leaned on Him in many different ways throughout this journey. One of the ways in which we felt a strong calling for us to trust in Him was with the finances. Including our upcoming adoption, the cost of our four adoptions totals over $160,000. To come up with that kind of money, when it seems nearly impossible for us to get ahead with our savings each month, felt truly impossible.

Thankfully we were introduced to adoption grants and fundraisers as we pursued our 2nd adoption. We were generously offered a grant through Christian Orphan Fund in 2020 and we received the news of our grant while we were holding our daughter in the hospital, just hours after she had been born. We had a balance remaining and while we wanted to take those precious first moments focused solely on our baby girl, the finances were on the back of our mind. What a sense of relief and gratitude we felt in that moment to know we were going to be able to pay the remaining balance that day.

As we pursued our third adoption of our son in 2022, we ran into a similar issue where it was down to the wire and we felt like we had tapped out most of our resources of our savings, fundraisers and crowdfunding. We waited nearly 2 years to be matched despite monthly fundraisers, it still wasn’t enough. We received a grant through Christian Orphan Fund again and this time it not only played a huge role in covering the financial side of the process, it inspired us in more ways than one. It gave us a new perspective and it gave us hope for the future. I was able to support Lou’s beautiful birth mom in the few days before the delivery with appointments, a birth plan and getting to know her. I was able to drive to get her and bring her to the hospital when her water broke, hold her hand as she went into labor, and I actually got to catch Lou as he was being born. We have the most beautiful open adoption now and still communicate on nearly a daily basis. All of this was possible because I didn’t have to spend the last moments leading up to the placement working on fundraising or scrambling to liquidate assets to cover the cost.

We had thought that maybe our 3rd adoption would have to be our last, based on finances alone. But through grants like Christian Orphan Fund, we were able to fund our 3rd adoption debt free! Little did we know that three weeks after we brought our son home he would need major medical care and had to stay in the hospital for a week. It was such a huge blessing to know that we hadn’t tapped out the balances of our credit cards or emptied our savings to pay the bills for the adoption agency, because we desperately needed those funds for our son’s medical care. He is thriving now, at 15 months, and can’t wait to be a big brother.

The hope that was given to us after our 3rd adoption was that we COULD continue to grow our family, even if our savings account was saying otherwise. We knew that with hard work, applying for grants and fundraising, but most of all … .trusting in God to provide, we could make another adoption work! Thank you to Christian Orphan Fund for awarding our family with so much more than a grant.